While it is essential to know how much fluid one should consume to maximize the benefits of proper hydration, it is even more important to actually adhere to recommended hydration guidelines and drink at regular intervals during exercise and throughout the day. HydraCoach is the only device that will automatically calculate, monitor and remind an individual when and how much fluid to drink.

The HydraCoach Hydration Monitor is programmed to automatically suggest basic hydration guidelines based on your weight, which is input in the unit's Setup Mode. Since each person’s needs are unique, depending upon a number of variables, these values can be adjusted to meet an individual’s specific requirements. The below referenced Hydration Calculator will assist in generating “custom” Personal Hydration Goal (PHG) values that can be input into select versions of the HydraCoach Hydration Monitor.

Note: PHG recommendation is capped at 5.92 liters per day and 1.48 liters per hour. Values from the Base PHG can be manually input into the Basic version of the HydraCoach Hydration Monitor. Values from the Exercise PHG can only be input into the Sport Version of the HydraCoach Hydration Monitor, which is due out in late 2007.

The Hydration Calculator can help generate more precise custom hydration settings based on calories expended during your daily lifestyle and for specific continuous uninterrupted exercise activities. To accomplish this, perform the following steps:

  1. Enter your weight in the field above.
  2. Select the daily activity level that best describes your lifestyle. Choose Sedentary if you do not move around all that much, such as a desk job, and Active if you are always “on the run”. However, most people will fall into the Average category as this incorporates a combination of the two.
    The resulting value, described as the HydraCoach Base PHG, will display in RED. This value is defined as your Recommended Daily Fluid Intake amount.
  3. If you plan on adding exercise or a specific physical activity to your day, HydraCoach (Sport Version - due out in late 2007) will automatically account for and adjust your “Base” PHG in accordance with your "actual" duration of Exercise. To find out your Exercise PHG value (aka: Estimated Sweat Factor), move down to the next part of the Hydration Calculator and perform the following third step:

  4. Select a general level of exercise intensity (Light, Moderate or Vigorous) or a specific activity from the drop down menu.

The resulting value, described as the HydraCoach Exercise PHG, will display in RED. This value is defined as your amount of Recommended Added Fluid Intake Per Hour of Exercise. These two PHG values represent your customized Personal Hydration Goal settings for the day (Base PHG) and for a specific exercise activity (Exercise PHG) respectively. Adjusting the default settings in the Setup Mode of the HydraCoach Hydration Monitor to reflect these values will personalize your unit and allow it to coach you according to your specific and unique hydration needs.

The hydration calculator is designed to provide a basic guideline to help stay hydrated during exercise and throughout the day. Each persons hydration needs are unique and vary depending upon numerous variables, including rate of exercise, elevation, heat, humidity, pregnancy, etc.. The hydration recommendations and information contained herein is not intended to replace the medical advice of your doctor or health care provider. Please consult your health care provider for advice about a specific medical condition.