Proper hydration is critical to the health and well being of all people regardless of age, sex or level of fitness. However, most individuals find it difficult to simply remember to drink fluids on a regular basis, especially during exercise, let alone calculate and track their daily intake. HydraCoach hydration monitors are capable of all this and more, allowing users to develop and easily adhere to customized fluid intake plans.

The HydraCoach hydration monitor is a revolutionary interactive fluid measurement device that automatically calculates, monitors and provides instant feedback on fluid consumption for athletes, medical professionals and other health conscious individuals. Determined by a users weight and duration of exercise (sport version), the product will generate a personal hydration goal for the day. The monitor can be further adjusted manually in the setup mode to accommodate other known hydration factors (i.e. intensity of exercise, heat, altitude, pregnancy, etc...) to meet each user's specific hydration needs, or the recommendation of one's coach or other nutrition expert. Visit our Hydration Calculator page to generate your recommended fluid intake during exercise and for the day based on your level of exertion.

By addressing the unique and individual needs of all users, HydraCoach hydration monitors provide numerous far-reaching benefits. Understanding the ill-effects of both dehydration and over-hydration (hyponatremia), serious athletes to casual outdoor enthusiasts alike will find the monitor will help ensure "proper hydration" during exercise thereby elevating and sustaining performance levels. Health care providers are able to more closely monitor a patient’s compliance to their prescribed health program in order to help aid in recovery. Dieticians and spa technicians can design custom hydration plans to better suit their clients and more effectively track their progress.

The HydraCoach is a dynamic tool that promotes daily hydration to virtually anyone interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This versatile device features a detachable head unit that can be used with any compatible HydraCoach system. Users can refill their containers at any time and HydraCoach will monitor the cumulative volume of fluid consumed.

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